Accounting and Finance

Fundamentals of Personal/corporate Financial Planning : Financial planning, in the broadest sense, is an effort to manage all aspects of a corporate &person or family's financial affairs, through maintain and understand accounting. Managerial accounting is an introduction to the use of accounting information by managers for decision making, performance evaluation and control.

  • To get the advices or Services on Accounting and learn Ind Accounting Standards to avoid complication.

    Accounting Services Offered:-

    Also offered

    ->Project Report

    -> Bank Reconciliation

    -> General Ledger

    -> Trial Balance

    -> Monthly & quarterly Books of Accounts

    -> MIS(Management Information System)

  • Indian Accounting Standards

    In India the CG in constitution with the National Committee on Accounting Standards (NACAS) has issued the companies (AS)rules,2006. Under this rules, AS (i,e, 1to 7 and 9 to 29) have been notified.

    AS-1-> Disclosure of Accounting Policies

    AS-2-> Valuation of Inventories

    AS-3-> Cash Flow Statement

    AS-4-> Contingencies and Event Occurring after the Balance Sheet Date

    AS-5-> Net Profit or Loss for the period, prior period items and changes in Accounting Policies

    AS-6-> Depreciation Accounting

    AS-7-> Construction Contracts

    AS-8-> Revenue Recognition

    AS-9-> Accounting for Fixed Assets

    AS-10-> The Effects of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates

    AS-11-> Accounting for Government Grants

    AS-12-> Accounting for Investments

    AS-13-> Accounting for Amalgamations

    AS-14-> Employee Benefits

    AS-15-> Borrowing Costs

    AS-16-> Segment Reporting

    AS-18-> Related Party Disclosures

    AS-19-> Leases

    AS-20-> Earnings Per Share

    AS-21-> Consolidated Financial Statement

    AS-22-> Accounting for Taxes on Income

    AS-23-> Accounting for Investments in Associates

    AS-24-> Discounting Operations

    AS-25-> Interim Financial Reporting

    AS-26-> Intangible Assets

    AS-27-> Financial Reporting of Interest in Joint Ventures

    AS-28-> Impairment of Assets

    AS-29-> Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets

    AS-30-> Financial Instruments: Recognition and Measurement

    AS-31-> Financial Instruments: Presentation

    AS-32-> Financial Instruments: Disclosures

  • What is a General business Consultation?

    Our general business consultation lets our business experts help you determine the best solutions for your idea. You'll get a 30 minute consultation with an expert to determine the business mode that is best for you, and get answers to your questions that may help you avoid costly errors.

    Benefits of LLP as Compared to Corporate Form and pvt. ltd. company.
    • Easy to Form, Run and manage.
    • Internal structure and governance through mutual agreement.
    • No Minimum Contribution
    • Less Government Intervention
    • Less requirement as to maintenance of statutory records
    • Less Compliances
    • Taxation (Income Tax) of LLP will be like general partnership.
    • No wealth Tax.
    What Is a Nonprofit corporation?
    • Functional definition: an organization that forms to,
      - Perform “public tasks” environmental protection, social service provision,
      - Perform tasks for which there is demand but no supply from for-profits or governments religious activity, art museum,
      - Influence the direction of public policy political party, issue organization.
    • Tax & regulatory definition: an organization that
      - Enjoys special tax status
      - Faces a non-distribution constraint (profit=0)

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