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We dedicated and dependable Financial Expert team, is committed to guide the Investors in the lucrative but tough financial sector of all Investment Product with all its expertise in Financial Market on a personalized level. We remain committed to understanding you, Your Financial Needs, Your Investment Objectives, Your Tolerance for Risk, Your Time Horizon and any other factors that may affect our recommendations.

  • To get the Expert Investment Advices on era of investment product to minimize risk and get maximum return.

    Govt Bond / NCD

    Bond/Debt Market are market for issuance, Trading and Settlement of verious types and features of fixed income securities, Debt market covers:

    • Government Bond
    • Corporate Debenture
    • Fixed Income Products
    • Benchmarked Instruments
    • Money Market Instruments
    Investors in Debt Market:
    • Bank
    • Insurance Companies
    • Provident funds
    • Mutual Funds
    • Trust
    • FIIs
    • Corporate Treasuries
    • Retails Investors
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    Fixed Deposits

    Fixed Deposits in companies that earn a fixed rate of return over a period of time are called Fixed Deposits.FD issued banks as well as companies

    Advantage Fixed Deposits:
    • High interest.
    • Short-term deposits
    • No TDS if the interest income is up to Rs 5,000 in one financial year.
    • Fixed interest
    Taxation on Fixed Deposits:
    The amount received as interest is taxable under the head Income from other Source as per the slab applicable to respective investor.

    Tax deducted at Source (TDS):
    If interest receivable amount is greater than Rs5000 in a financial year, the TDS is deducted at 10 % in case of individual and in case of domestic company it is 20 %.
    If 15 H or 15 G form is provided by the investor then TDS will not be deducted or deducted at lower rate.

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    Mutual Funds

    Mutual fund is indirect way of investing. Every investor is not in position to do in-depth analysis before doing any investment in capital market. Basically mutual fund collects the fund from different investors to a common pool and then invests these funds in different type of asset/securities.

    Advantage of Mutual Funds
    • Open-Ended and Close-Ended Funds
    • Sectoral Funds
    • Mid & Small cap Funds
    • Large Cap Funds
    Type Mutual Funds
    • Open-Ended and Close-Ended Funds
    • Sectoral Funds
    • Mid & Small cap Funds
    • Large Cap Funds
    • Index Funds
    • Balance Funds
    • Income Funds
    • Debt Funds
    • G-Sec Funds

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    IPO/FPO (Initial Public Offering)

    When new and existing companies raise their funds directly from public by issuing securities to them, it is known as Initial Public Offer and the set up which provides this facility is called Primary market.

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    General Insurance

    Insurance may thus be defined as sharing of the losses of a few who are such losses, amongst those exposed to similar uncertain events / situations.

    General Insurance includes:
    Life Insurance

    Life insurance is a form of insurance that pays monetary proceeds upon the death of the insured covered in the policy. Essentially, a life insurance policy is a contract between the named insured and the insurance company wherein the insurance company agrees to pay an agreed upon sum of money to the insured's named beneficiary, so long as the insured's premiums are paid current.

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  • Risk & Return

    As we know that in every investment there are involvement of Risk and Return. Return may be defined as the monetary benefit getting from any investment.and Risk may be define as the variability of the actual return from the expected return.
    Analysis of Risk and Return are core activity, through portfolio management, risk has been minimize and get maximum return.

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  • What is a General business Consultation?

    Our general business consultation lets our business experts help you determine the best solutions for your idea. You'll get a 30 minute consultation with an expert to determine the business mode that is best for you, and get answers to your questions that may help you avoid costly errors.

    Benefits of LLP as Compared to Corporate Form and pvt. ltd. company.
    • Easy to Form, Run and manage.
    • Internal structure and governance through mutual agreement.
    • No Minimum Contribution
    • Less Government Intervention
    • Less requirement as to maintenance of statutory records
    • Less Compliances
    • Taxation (Income Tax) of LLP will be like general partnership.
    • No wealth Tax.
    What Is a Nonprofit corporation?
    • Functional definition: an organization that forms to,
      - Perform “public tasks” environmental protection, social service provision,
      - Perform tasks for which there is demand but no supply from for-profits or governments religious activity, art museum,
      - Influence the direction of public policy political party, issue organization.
    • Tax & regulatory definition: an organization that
      - Enjoys special tax status
      - Faces a non-distribution constraint (profit=0)

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