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Financial Statements, MIS and Financial KPIs

When we start a startup journey then its important to learn about Financial Statements, Management Information Systems, and Financial Key Performance Indicators. These three measures indicator for a startup to analysis busineses ups and downs.  Financial Statements are reports that every business organization must prepare to be able to indicate to its stakeholders and operators,

contract and agreement

Thinking about contracts any consensus between two parties can be termed a contract but from experience, we know that it is always better to have things in black and white on paper, so it’s going to be very important for us to understand how contracts work. Key Aspects of Contracts: Any type of contract contains

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Trademark | Copyright | Patent | Design As a business owner, if you have a unique idea i.e. likely going to be translated into a product or service or an algorithm, it is very important to think about the intellectual property right for this particular thing right from the beginning. Because intellectual property right (IPR) is something

Permits, Registrations & Compliances

In any business legal and statutory clarity is of utmost importance but unfortunately most early stage entrepreneurs do not have the clarity or do not do enough homework in order to make sure that they understand the legal aspects well, because of which at the end of the day the business bears the brunt. and

type of company for business

Choose right Legal Structure for your business – Company | LLP | OPC | NGO Usually, it happens that in the rush for growing your business, you end up ignoring some common legal issues that cost you heavy on time and money. Here are some common mistakes that can be avoided: Ambiguity in terms of agreement

Analyse the business environment

Environment analysis is an important tool that helps in an organisation’s decision-making process and also helps foresee the organisation’s future. Understanding the industry helps you understand your competitive advantage. There are various factors which one needs to look at while analyzing the environment. Analysing Competitive Environment You might have an amazing idea, and a great vision,

Market research

Understanding the target segment for your Startup; Understanding the target segment is important for succeeding. One of the key things entrepreneurs should keep in mind, as they start up, is to stay focused. It is best to choose a smaller segment of customers within the overall market and serve that one segment really well. Before

starup story

Mapping Need-Gap to Idea The primary challenge for an entrepreneur is often ensuring that he/she has a viable business idea, which is largely dependent on the ability to identify a gap in the market that presents itself as an opportunity. How to get a startup idea The first step for an entrepreneur, before starting a

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